kim parentHello, and welcome to the official website of singer, songwriter, author, painter, and reluctant globe trotter….Kim Parent.

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I hope you enjoy sifting through the collage I’ve created. This is accomplished mostly with photos, but of late I have also been indulging in short stories, telling the tales of an experienced life time musician. You’ll find this month’s feature on the short story page.


 I am actively seeking new clients, songwriters who need a voice to represent their song, and artists who need background vocals added in.  We have a beautiful studio set-up, and can cut professional vocals easily in a timely fashion.


I would love to hear from you!


The way to get in touch with me is to send an email, you will find that on the ‘say hello’ page. I also have CD’s on the Shop page.


We can organize a house concert that comes directly to your living room. Your friends and family will delight in the intimate setting, featuring songs and story telling, as it unravels right in your beautiful home.


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Special thanks to Laurie Pearson for the photo on the cover page!

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